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Here at Gloucester Bike Specialist we are always looking at progressing and helping out the Motorcycle community.  

We have added Texa Diagnostic software to our workshop for aiding us in:

Examples of what can be offered:

  • Fault finding

  • Stored trouble codes

  • DTC reading

  • Erasing diagnostic trouble codes

  • Service light reset

  • Live data readings

  • Plus much more

We are now in the process of upgrading our Motorcycle Interia Chassis Dynamometer in the next coming months to a twin roller Eddie Brake System which will allow us to also cater for most makes and models of Scooters, Motorbikes, Quad bikes, Go-karts etc within a certain wheel span.  We will be able to Adjust Carburetors and Fuel injected model for a wide variation of 2 & 4 wheel vehicles

Examples of what can be offered depending on software required and vehicle model etc:


  • Live Data Readings

  • Fault Finding 

  • Steady load runs

  • Ramp runs

  • Interia runs

  • WOT run

  • AFR (air fuel ratio)

  • ECU Mapping

  • Power Commanders 

  • TPS Maps

  • Ignition timing

  • Secondary Throttle valves

  • Injector timings

  • Exhaust valve opening / banking

  • Speed limiter

  • Rev range

  • Quick shifters

  • Blippers

  • Plus much more

For more information regarding this service please contact us with your requirements and vehicle details so we can assist you further.



Texa Motorcycle Dignostic

New Dyno setup pic to follow!!

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