Athena has developed a wide range of forged pistons specifically used in the OFF-ROAD / ATV market and manufactured by a revolutionary computerised technology coming from GP & F1races. Athena forged pistons offer the best solution in terms of performance and reliability, thanks to the redesigned squish areas, modified compressions and superficial treatments, which improve their fluidity. Piston kits are sold complete with rings, wrist pins and circlips.

  • 4-stroke pistons are made from 2618 silicium – the same material used to produce Formula 1 pistons
  • Both include 3% copper in materials for better heat resistance
  • All pistons are forged using a precision heat-treatment process that allows for production tolerances of just 0.01mm
  • Forged piston tooling allows for the lightest available product
  • Kits include antiwear coated piston, rings, pin and circlips

Athena Honda CRF150 69mm 164cc Big Bore Piston Kit

SKU: s4f069000030
  • BORE 69 mm
    MATERIAL Graphite
    MODEL Piston Kit ø 69
    STYLE Forged
    TYPE Piston Kit
    TYPE OF ENGINE 4-Stroke

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