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Easy-use sheets of sound absorption media, manufactured from highly voluminised continuous filament glass yarn, using sophisticated texturisation techniques. Suitable for both on and off road applications.

The material is uniquely compressed and stitched together with a fine low temperature melting thread which dissolves on contact with exhaust gas, releasing the compressed fibres to expand and fully fill chamber voids. Ideally suited for repacking non-uniform shaped cans such as oval and tri-oval, which can be tricky to repack correctly with standard materials.

Easy to use;

available in 3 lengths to suit most popular exhaust sizes (length can also be trimmed for precision)
no need to use stainless steel wool to cover the perforated pipe.
simply wrap sheet around the perforated pipe and cut to attain the required fill volume (each sheet is 1M wide).
Usually enough to do 1 large 4 stroke silencer or 2 normal 2 stroke ones.