• High-Performance Piston

  • Forged from high-silicon aluminum alloy for maximum strength and dependability
  • Wiseco offers a complete range of popular piston models and years for both trail and racing applications
  • Durability, longevity and increased horsepower
  • Innovative forging design and piston skirt provide maximum horsepower and torque
  • Feature forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips and top end gasket set
  • Cylinder sleeves must be purchased separately
  • Now you can own the same race parts as all the top race teams
  • These high-tech piston designs offer maximum compression ratios, ultra-stiff strutted forgings, and titanium nitride-coated rings, which all add up to more power that is sustained longer
  • When blow-by starts to increase on other pistons and power starts to fade, Wiseco Race Series parts continue sealing and performing
  • Have additional features over standard Pro-Lite parts
  • Each piston is E-Coated on the crown, ring grooves, and pin bore, for maximum wear resistance and protection from micro-welding, galling, and detonation
  • GP Series parts generally have less machining on the outside, which helps seal up the bore for increased compression
  • Additionally, boost ports are removed for a more predictable powerband and increased pull on the top end
  • Service intervals may be increased with Racer's Choice pistons over conventional Wiseco pistons, and are for expert racers and tuners only.
  • BORE SIZE 52,00 mm
    DISPLACEMENT 101,50 cc
    UNITS Each
    PRODUCT NAME Piston Kit
    ENGINE TYPE 2-Stroke
    STROKE LENGTH 47,80 mm
    PISTON MATERIAL Aluminum| Forged
    PISTON SIZE +5,00 mm

Honda CR85 101cc 52mm Oversized Wiseco Piston

SKU: 09100322

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