We have available the supermoto conversion kit to be able to transfer the Kawasaki KX65 motocross bike to minimotard pitbike so it can be used on tarmac and kart tracks while still leaving the bike able to have wheels swopped back again so the bike can be used as motorcross as and when needed.


every effort is made to ensure that the spacers fit HOWEVER due to different specifications on some models and years slight modifications may be required when fitting especailly when these items are sent out in kit form


The kit will consist of:

1 x set of Mobster Wheels engineered to fit the KX65 only

1 x set of pmt soft or supersoft

1 x Set of 4 wheel spacers for fitment of wheels.

2 x brake discs

1 x rear Talon Sprocket

1 x Handguards


2 small alterations need to made to the bike for this kit to fit, the rear chain guide bracket needs removing and the rear brake caliper needs one hole slightly modifying with a 10mm drill piece. 


  • delivery will be around 2 weeks once order placed as wheels need to be engineered. 

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