The K-Tech rear shock springs are the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade the Stock Kawasaki suspension to make it handle a lot better for the supermoto setup, different weights are available but as a general rule the heaviest of the shelf spring available is often used as a starting point.


Please note for ultimate setup for your own weight it may be advised to get the suspension setup professionally and by getting custom springs and suspension re-valved to make it work for you.


  • K-Tech shock springs are manufactured from the highest grade Chrome Silicone wire, each spring is cold coiled, heat treated, pre-set and ground to length.  Phosphate coating is then applied to protect against corrosion and then powder coated before the part number is applied. 

    All springs are manufactured to DIN 2095 grade1.

    • Cold coiled
    • Heat treated
    • Tempered
    • Shot peened
    • Ground ends
    • Zinc phosphate coated
    • Epoxy powder coated
    • Part number printed

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