please ring for availability as the spacers are made in house WE do like the bike here at GBS as the spacers can be made to fit due to modifications on years - we can send the kit out BUT customer must be aware that you may have to make MODIFICATIONS yourselves so as the kit fits.


This is for a 12" wheel conversion kit for the KTM SX65

This kit will allow for the SX65 to be converted over for Minimotard use so it can be used on tarmac tracks.


every effort is made to ensure that the spacers fit HOWEVER due to different specificaitons on some models and years slight modifications may be required when fitting especailly when these items are sent out in kit form

The Kit consists of:

.1 pair of Mobster wheels fitted with tyres either PMT soft or super soft 
.wheel spacer kit to allow for wheel fitment


.rear Spindles .

.front and rear brake disc

.rear Talon wheel sprocket

.rear brake caliper and bracket carrier

The bike will require the back brake caliper to be replaced with one we supply in the kit so bleeding of the rear brake system will need doing but the bike can still be used in either form afterwards MotoX or Minimotard so you still get the best of both worlds from the bike.

The original chain will be required to be shortened once kit has been fitted.



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