• Radial Master Cylinders were designed with one goal in mind: performance
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards, they will maximize the performance of your complete brake system
  • While compact in design, these master cylinders use a forged lever, plate, and cylinder to create a strong feel and great durability
  • The brake lever position is adjustable, allowing it to suit any preference, and an optimal leverage ratio built into the design gives you maximum power with just one finger
  • As a finishing touch, there's an orange-anodized and laser-etched aluminum filler cap to complete the package
  • Available in 11 mm and 12 mm diameter, these master cylinders should be used in MX and Supermoto applications
  • NOTE: This Radial Master Cylinder MUST be used with our Stainless Steel Brake Line. OEM brake lines will not fit.  (213001

Moto-Master Radial Brake Lever replacement


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