Rock oil 250ml bottle of Mineral Clutch Fluid


Mineral Clutch Fluid Mineral Clutch Fluid is a high quality mineral oil based, high performance lubricant which may be used as a hydraulic agent in various hydraulic systems, including hydraulically actuated motorcycle clutches. Mineral Clutch Fluid fully meets the requirements of the latest issue of the ISO 7308 specification. Performance Specifications / Approvals DIN 51524 part 3 ISO 7308 Suitable for use in Magura equipment. Typical Physical Characteristics Appearance Clear Green Fluid Boiling Point C 240 Kinematic Viscosity @ -40C 1200 cSt max. Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C 19.0 cSt Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C 6.0 cSt Flash Point (closed Cup) C 120 Pour Point C -50 Viscosity Index 303

Rock Oil 250ml Mineral clutch fluid


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