Rock Oil's R&D facility has successfully developed the next generation in 100% synthetic racing oils -
Synthesis XRP Off-Road. This development, in conjunction with extensive field-trials with leading off-road
racing teams has resulted in a significant breakthrough in performance.


  • Tri-Synthetic Formula – includes Synthetic Ester, Polyalphaolefin and a proprietary next generation fully synthetic base oil Outstanding resistance to Permanent Viscosity Loss (PVL) through use of active, self healing Viscosity Modifiers– extremely important for Off-Road engines where the crankcase and gearbox use the same oil Exceptionally low NOACK volatility results – results in very low oil consumption Market leading Salicylate detergent/dispersant technology – keeps engine internals ultra clean Unsurpassed wear protection – especially important for high RPM racing engines. Significantly reduces friction without friction modifiers - releases full engine power JASO MA2 clutch friction- allows safe, predictable performance in wet clutch applications.

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