Genuine Stomp SR140-C (YX140) Complete Engine Kit TUNED with Z40 camshaft.The SR140C Pit Bike Engine is legendary in the UK Pit bike market for power value and durability.

Note: this engine does not have charging for 6 or 12 volt monkey/pit bikes. If you require charging please see our other listing.

Suitable for all Pit or Monkey bikes with Honda fitting horizontal engines.


    • 16 HP at flywheel
    • Start in Gear all up 4 speed gearbox
    • Big Valve Head,
    • Modified Flat Top Piston
    • Steel Crank
    • Alloy Cylinder
    • CNC Oil Cooler with braided lines
    • Molkt 26 mm race carb (jetted)
    • CDI/Coil
    • Air Filter
    • Stomp CNC Logo side cases
    • Kick start & shifter
    • Inlet manifold

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