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Halo Valeting & Detailing Branding
Halo Valeting & Detailing Branding

Halo Valeting & Detailing
New for 2024 GBS Valeting / Detailing Services

For 2024 we are now adding vehicle valeting to our
business going forward. 

either just interior or just exterior packages are
available please enquire, we will try to cater to your
requirements where possible.

we can also arrange a maintenance valet after our top detail valet has been carried out either fortnightly / monthly / quarterly timeline to keep your vehicle clean and tidy  at a slightly discounted rate
Valets exterior + interior starting from £60 (small vehicle) which include

Exterior clean:

Wheels soaked in cleaner
Wheels contact washed
Tyres cleans
Whole Vehicle soaked in citrus Pre wash  
Depending on dirtiness Pre wash snow foam
Pressured washed
Snow foam Contact wash
Pressured washed
Wax rinse spray to aid drying
Pressure washed rinsed
Exterior dried with blower / Towel
Exterior Windows cleaned
Door jams wiped down
tyres dressed

Interior Clean:

Rubbish removal / personal belongings boxed
Floor mats removed & Hovered
Carpets hovered
Seats hovered
Boot Hovered
Dashboard wipe over with interior detail spray
door cards wipe over with interior detail spray
Interior Windows Cleaned

Extra Services:

exterior plastic Trim dressed £POA , Pet hair removal £POA
  We can also carry out spot wet vaxing carpet / seats to reduce / remove stains, £POA
Headliner cleaned - Door cards dressed - dashboard dressed £POA
Engine bay clean £POA , Clay bar for paintwork contaminants £POA
Ironfall out remover on paintwork & wheels £POA
  We can either carry out hand polish / machine polish or a wax coating on your paintwork. £POA
Tar residue removal from paintwork £POA

For any enquiry please feel free to either call / email or pop in the shop

John 07825777618
Email: Valet

Full Polish to revive paint
Before Dirty van
Cleaning in progress
Cleaned carpet
Dirty before wheel
Clean after wheel
Before wet vaxed
Wet vaxed Seats
Fire deposit damage cleaned
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